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Spirit Animal is more than a film: it’s a project that, through an artistic approach, aims to raise awareness to how the impact of Climate Change is affecting the cultural lifestyles of these ancestral remote tribes.
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Climate change has been depicted for many years in various documentaries. However, for this project we have decided to approach the cultural impacts of this global issue through an artistic perspective.

Whilst direct consequences of climate change in Mongolia are hard to visualise in developed countries, it directly impacts on the nomads’ stock, on which they depend to survive: for food, clothing, instruments and also for building their homes. This pushes these families to seek a western lifestyle in the cities in the hopes of a better life: this is Mongolia’s last great exodus.

Sponsoring Spirit Animal is an opportunity to reinforce your brand image and position to climate change.

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This is a crucial project. Not only will it contribute to a better lifestyle for the nomadic tribes, but it will also have a great impact on worldwide awareness, by showing the consequences of climate change, and giving a voice to the last nomadic tribes in Mongolia.