Público P3:

Our producer Tânia was on the phone with journalist Sofia Matos Silva for a brief interview about the project, and wrote an excellent article about the project on portuguese digital newspaper Público P3.

IATI Seguros

Our team will be travelling from Europe safe and fully insured, courtesy of IATI Seguros!

Vitec Group

We are so excited to announce another partnership for a multi-branded sponsorship!


We are very happy to announce that Blueshape is backing our documentary!


We’re very happy to introduce our new main sponsor for this project, Nomad.

Diorama Film Festival

Our pilot screening “Where Men And Eagles Live Together” was selected for the Diorama Film Festival 2020, for the International Documentary Films screenings.

Montanha Pico Festival 2020

As part of the “English Programme” section of the Festival, “Where Men And Eagles Live Together” the pilot version of “Spirit Animal” documentary, was selected for screening at the Montanha Pico Festival 2020.

RDP Internacional – Holofote

Just after we presented our big project in social media, with the launching of our page on facebook, Carina Jorge and João Bacalhau invited us to talk a bit more about “Spirit Animal” on their radio programe “Holofote”.

Observador – Conversas do Fim do Mundo

Our producer Tânia Neves was a guest on João Miguel Santos radio show on Rádio Observador, to talk about her travels to Mongolia and present the documentary “Spirit Animal”.

First Filmings

In September 2018 we went to Mongolia to scout for locations and stories, and do the first filming of our SPIRIT ANIMAL feature documentary.

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